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What size Allen wrench or type of tool do i need to remove the cap to be able to change my tire? There isn't one in my car and i have a flat tire and need to change it

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. To remove the tire, you need a "lug wrench". The lug nuts that hold on your tires are very likely one of the 4 standard sizes, assuming you do not have locking lug nuts or special rims. Look for a "4-way" lug wrench, which will be shaped like an X or a cross. This will have all 4 different sizes, one on each end. One of those sizes will fit snuggly on your lug nuts. Once you have all 4 lug nuts loosened, then you may raise the car off of the ground in order to change the tire. Do not attempt to remove the lug nuts once the car is in the air, as the tire will spin rather then provide resistance for you to loosen the nut. Good luck!


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