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I recently got my oil changed and TJ Lube brought to my attention my Transmission dipstick was stuck. I got it unstuck and the there was barely any fluid in it. So I filled it up but looked underneath the truck. The transmission pan i guess? Looked greasy like theres a slow leak or something. My tahoe hasnt showed problems with shifting, and I never got a warning light telling me the fluid was low. Do you think this will be a quick fix at a transmission shop?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. A leak in the transmission will cause excess heat and fluid pressure issues, which would explain why your dipstick was stuck. If you can see transmission fluid on the pan itself, this may be an indicator that the transmission pan gasket has failed. One way to check this is to look for fluid on the transmission above the pan, and if there is no fluid present, its likely coming from the failed gasket below. 

With that being said, your transmission pan is not hard to get to, and a repair wont be terribly difficult. You should also have them service the transmission while they have the pan off. This includes new fluid and a new filter in addition to the gasket. Have them look for any signs of damage while the pan is off. It should take a couple of hours at the most, but pricing and service in your area will depend on what options you have around you. Good luck! 

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