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I would like advice on what tools I should buy starting out? I have a mechanic that I trust but I would like to be able to do some basic things myself. The first modification that I want to install myself is a strut tower brace. I purchased a torque wrench and am going to buy a 15mm socket required for the job but need help in knowing what tools I should purchase next. Also I would like to take a class on basic auto maintenance. Thanks

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


There are many mechanic starter tool kits available on the market. One of these basic kits are typically the best value, and they often come with a tool box to store everything. You want to find one that has a socket set (both metric and SAE), screw drivers, pliers, and a socket wrench at the very least. Certain jobs will require more particular tools, and you often acquire these as you go. When looking for classes near you, check our list of Certified Female Friendly service centers to see if they have anything to offer, as many know of programs like you are looking for. You can also look into your local colleges to see if they have an introductory course you can sign up for. Good luck, and thank you for writing in. 

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