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I am trying to do research on a vehicle here in the states that came from Puerto Rico. When a carfax is pulled it shows the car came from Puerto Rico, but doesn't show any of it's maintenances, mileage records, or any history at all. Does Puerto Rico report vehicle data to anyone? Is there a way to find the history of this car? Carfax is no help.

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Thank you for writing in about this decision. To begin, please consider that there are a huge number of cars that have been damaged by flooding in Puerto Rico by the hurricanes. You want to be hesitant to buy any vehicles from them for the next year. 

Secondly, Carfax and similar systems are rarely complete or foolproof. If the car has been tracked its whole life, the report is great. Otherwise, you never get the full picture. If the report shows recognition that the car exists, but does not have any information about it, its safe to say its never been tracked for maintenance or repairs. Puerto Rico will not have as good as a system as we have stateside, because they are not regulated as strictly as we are, but by no means does that mean the car has not been well cared for. 

You will want to be careful in this situation, as there are a lot of shipping fees that can ruin a transaction like this, unless the car is located near you already. If you can have a trusted mechanic near you inspect the car before the purchase, that would be ideal. Ask for a pre-purchase inspection, and make sure they check for flood damage inside and out. 

Good luck!

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