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I currently have run flat tires. I had to get the first two tires replaced at 18,000 miles and the second set before 28,000 miles. My next question is , should the tires be different for the front and rear? Current tire information: Front: 275/40 r20 106w Rear: 315/35 r20 110w Pirelli Tires run flat

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at

Hello, thank you for writing in. 

The vehicle's exact tire requirements will depend on the sub-model that you have. The exact specifications are on a label located on the side of your driver's door. This will tell you the size and tire pressure you should maintain on the stock wheels. Follow those specifications above all else. The tires you have on do match the majority of 2016 BMW X5 models produced. There are models that want a different size however, and  your tire technician would have picked up on that.

Regardless of them being run flat tires or not, you want to keep them at the right tire pressure. Follow the recommended pressure stamped onto the side of your tires, or talk to your tire specialist about what they recommend. While run flat tires are considered to be stronger, they are only stronger within reason. If the previous tires were damaged in any way, it may explain premature damage. Otherwise, you may want to look into utilizing any kind of warranty given to you. Good luck!

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