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105,000 MILES I have a 1995 Plymouth Neon. It starts up just fine and idles normally. It actually runs fine for about 10-15 min. After driving. After about that time it starts to sputter and bog down as if it were running out of gas. If I lightly press the gas it will go slowly and if I go full throttle it goes. Anywhere in between it cuts out and******. I have to pump the gas and usually have to floor it to get up to speed. I have to do this for my entire drive. Floor it, let off, floor it, let of, etc.

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at

Hello, thank you for writing in. The vehicle may be having issues with several components. You will want to start with the simplest to clean and check and work your way down the list. Make sure the throttle body and idle air control valve are clean and working well. Make sure their electrical connections are clean, dry, and tight. You can also install a fuel gauge at the engine to check that the fuel pressure is correct. If not, replace the fuel pump and filter (always do the fuel filter with the pump). You may also need to look into the other air intake sensors. For more help, contact your local Certified Female Friendly service center. Good Luck!

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