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Hello, so my red dot came on and went off car drives totally fine, but my inside heater / ac switch stopped working and my front two power windows stopped working. Oh and my temp gauge does not move. Other then that the car runs and sound fine. All fluids and good and changed . SO I have no clue what to even look for.

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at

Hello, thank you for writing in. To start, have the vehicle scanned for diagnostic codes. This can be done at most automotive parts stores for free. Use the codes present to help narrow down the probabilities. With such a wide range of malfunctions, there may be more than one issue going one at once. This is most likely an electrical issue, and an inspection of your battery, alternator, and fuse box should be done first. For more help with diagnostics and repairs, contact your local Certified Female Friendly service center. 

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