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My 01 caravan sports isnt shifting so i took to tranmisson shop and was told to replace the Transmission solenoid box. $155 later it worked all for 30 minutes then went back to hard shift, no shifting, again. Help. Is my transmission shot my only transportation I'm at a lost

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at

Hello, thank you for writing in. The work that was done so far was a good first step. Often with transmissions, we like to try a few things before taking it out and overhauling or replacing it (as it is really expensive to do so), and we want to try and save you that bill. Unfortunately, it would appear at this point, that a deeper inspection of the transmission will be needed. Your transmission may not be faulty, but may have a worn seal or issue with the hydraulic components that help it shift. Only further inspection will tell. If you are trying to save on money, take the time to call around and get pricing for an inspection with your symptoms. You can always trust an Certified Female Friendly repair shop near you. Good Luck!

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