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I have a Toyota Sequoia and the Trac & vsc lights on dash lights come on after a grinding and skiding noise . I was told it needs a yaw-rate sensor. Does a yaw-rate off of the 2007 sequioa fit a 2002 sequioa?

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Jody DeVere, CEO at, Inc.

My 2003 (12/02 build date) SR5 4wd recently lit up the "VSC OFF, VSC TRAC, and ABS" indicators on the dash.

After searching, I found the Toyota recall for this exact issue for 03 Sequoias ( I didn't get a mail notification ) and took it in to the dealer to have the ECU flashed. Well after the diagnosis, I was told that it was a bad Yaw Rate Sensor (YRS) and that it will cost me $880 to replace it. 

I did check and confirm the error code first by connecting the terminals Tc and CG of the DLC3/OBDII socket and checking the number of flashes.

Then I decided to replace the YRS myself then do a Zero Point Calibration. I ordered the Yaw Rate Sensor online (part #: 89180-0c030) for ~$272 delivered.

The procedure is easy and straight-forward and should take about 30-60 minutes, depending on how much cleaning you do along the way.

Tools needed are: thin, firm plastic trim-removing tool or equivalent, that won't scratch; 10mm socket and driver (all the screws involved here are 10mm); shoe box; cleaning solution and rag.

Here are some pictures :

1) "VSC OFF, VSC TRAC, ABS" lights are on.
YRS 1.jpg
YRS 2.jpg

2) Disconnet the battery by removing the negative lead.

3) Unscrew 4WD gear selector knob and use a thin plastic tool or taped flat screwdriver to lift this piece out.
YRS 4.jpg
YRS 5.jpg

4) Remove the cup holder trim piece, but release the mirror switch connector before complete removal.
YRS 6.jpg
YRS 7.jpg
YRS 8.jpg

5) Remove the rear control panel held in by two metal tabs at either ends, and disconnect connector.
YRS 9.jpg
YRS 10.jpg
YRS 11.jpg

6) Clean out center storage (use a shoe box) and remove these four screws, 10 mm.
YRS 12.jpg

7) Push the middle center console piece back to unhook the sides which will expose two connectors. Disconnect these two and remove the console towards front of car.
YRS 13.jpg
YRS 15.jpg
YRS 16.jpg
YRS 16A.jpg

8) Now the yaw rate sensor is visible under a metal cage, held in by two screws; remove the screws.
YRS 20.jpg

9) Remove these three screws to loosen the YRS, unclip the connector, and push out the plastic grommet holding the wire bundle from the back.
YRS 21.jpg
YRS 22.jpg
YRS 23.jpg

10) Here's the new YRS.
YRS 18.jpg
YRS 19.jpg

11) Install the new sensor and screw things down and reconnect all the connectors
(wipe off any dried coke.)
YRS 25.jpg
YRS 26.jpg
YRS 27.jpg

12) Reconnect the battery, start the car, and the lights are off!
YRS 28.jpg

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