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I have a Ford Fusion and I was rear ended on the freeway. My car, for the most, part looks pretty okay considering how I was rear ended. Both drivers were going around 60mph and slowly decelerating because of upcoming traffic. I was not pressing on the brake. There was no lane switching. Suddenly someone hit me from behind and jolted my car forward. In my attempt to get to the shoulder safely and get my hazards on I did not notice the other person never stopped. It was dark and I could not see them well. From the dent it appears to have been a suv, a van or truck. Here are several pictures of the trunk:

The trunk opens and closes fine. This is the right side seam. It was dented before so I do not think it's related to this. I had taken photos before of the seam, so I've shown a comparison between before and after the rear end.

The rubber guard under the bumper also came lose of the tabs on the bumper to hold it in place:

Some people online said to expect to pay about 2-3k to repair all of this. Does this seem like the correct ballpark price range? Does the damage look cosmetic? I felt the inside of the trunk and nothing punched through or bumped up against the lining. If possible, after getting the tabs at the bottom under the bumper realigned, would it be okay to leave the rest of this? Thank you very much for any help or advice.

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