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I have a 2001 Chrysler Town Country and my engine light is on and now ban is shaking.

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Jody DeVere, CEO at, Inc.

Typically, when the Check engine light is illuminated and it is flashing, this is an indication that the vehicle's engine is misfiring. If the engine has a misfire, then each time that cylinder fires it will cause the engine to run rough for a split second. The higher the RPMs go, the more times the misfiring cylinder is required to fire, and therefore the rough running engine happens the whole time because that cylinder may be misfiring several times per second.The most common causes of the issue you are having is faulty spark plugs and faulty ignition coils.

 If a spark plug is the cause of your misfire, it is recommended that all the spark plugs be replaced at once for best maintenance practices.

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