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I am currently shopping for a Honda Pilot EX with Honda Sensing. However, as a college student with a big family to support, at this point all I need is to contact an expert like you regarding pricing. I have been dabbling with and for information, but it seems like the used Hondas are about as expensive as the brand new one. How can I possibly find a good deal on a used Pilot EX w/HS? It's so confusing to navigate buying a car: so many sellers, websites, and dealerships. Shopping has been incredibly overwhelming, some used cars are even priced higher than MSRP, and search filters sometimes don't include Honda Sensing.

Now that I know WHICH car to buy, I now come to you to ask whether you can help me on HOW to buy that car!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you

Answers from the Automotive Experts

Brandy Schaffels, Editor at, Inc. Ramish,

Thanks so much for your question about how to find good values on used cars!

Starting at and -- and even AskPatty's own car-buying service (you can get more info here: -- are great ways to find good pricing on new and used cars.

The problem you're having is that the Pilot EX with Honda Sensing is a brand-new model that only came out last summer, so there aren't a lot of used versions of that model available yet. Hondas are excellent vehicles with strong reliability, which is the reason that used Hondas are so expensive; they have a very high resale value. Combine that high resale value with low unavailability for this new model, and you're not going to find much difference in the price between new and used models.

Your best bet is to try to find a certified pre-owned model, which might have been returned from a short-term lease, though I would bet such a vehicle would be hard to find for a few more months, when the first one-year-old versions are returned to dealers.

The reason you are seeing prices higher than MSRP is because this vehicle is in such high demand and available in such low quantity. It's a problem you're likely to encounter until more used models become available. Again, that's going to take a few months, because the Pilot EX with Honda Sensing didn't even go on sale until around September or October of 2015 across the country, and most used models won't be returned from a one-year lease for a few more months. If this is the car you really want, I suggest you be patient, and keep watching. Or, just buy a new one if you can't wait.

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