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My 1992 Honda Accord starts but will not go, like the brakes are severely stuck. It's standard transmission and recently we had to go in very high water!! What could it be ???

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Brandy Schaffels, Editor at, Inc. The rotors on your Honda Accord are made of mild steel, which rusts easily. Under normal use, the rotor surfaces do not corrode because they are constantly swept by regular braking. But drive through deep water and park your car for a week, and you may see more than the usual amount of corrosion, and it might be enough to lock up your brakes.

It's also possible that your clutch has failed, which would prevent your transmission from transferring motive force to the wheels.

Will it roll at all if you put it into neutral and try pushing it? If it will not roll at all, then the problem likely has something to do with the brakes. If it will roll, then it's more likely that the problem could have to do with your clutch.

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