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I have a 1999 Dodge Dakota with V8 5.2L or known as the 318. I bought the truck from a lady who didn't know that the clutches on the fan were bad so I began with replacing the clutches. Then when I drive around 5 miles it heats up to around 230 degrees. I have replaced water pump, thermostat, coolant temp sensor, flushed and reverse flushed heater core motor block and radiator. It still heats up, but does not overheat because I will not let it get to that point. My next step was to bypass the heater core to see if there was blockage in there and it still heated up. Then I took thermostat out and ran it like that, and it still heated up. I have great circulation through the radiator, there's no leaks anywhere, and no air in the coolant system. Also when it heats up, it does not blow any coolant out of overflow at all, it is not relieving the steam pressure, and I can not figure out why it's still heating up. Can you please help me? I'm at a loss of things to try

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