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I have taken my Dodge 2000 Caravan five times in a month and a half to Brakes Plus in Avondale, AZ. My initial visit was to pass emission (Failed three times after visit) and I asked Lana "I have some extra money (mistake), what do I need to do to keep my car on the road? She came up with a list of $1,700 to repair or replace the pulley, serpentine belt, power steering, and power wash the engine. One of the mechanics touched a part and it fell and shattered. After this I had nothing but issues. They replaced my tensioner four times (I paid for the part twice), changed my serpentine belt twice (the second time it slid off my pulley). They replaced my pulley twice, but did not test drive my vehicle. I told them my alignment might be causing my wheel to jerk, and I wasn't even given the free alignment check. Brakes Plus charged me $1,700 with a $150 military discount, then another $109 for the part while they paid the labor. I called and complained to Brakes Plus because I had a tire separation and two days before I had taken my car in for my concern on my steering wheel (and they did not test drive it). When I asked if they should have test drove it, he said "yeah, sorry, we must have missed it." Well, now I have invoices from three other mechanics totaling another $1,300 and the alignment was my main repair. I feel cheated and if they would have listened and looked into it the way a BBB company should, their preventative maintenance could have been pro longed. Not to mention the v.p of Brakes Plus called me and yelled at me, and their regional manager yelled at me and hung up on me. Threatening me to go to court and I will lose, Steve Riddle said "I will delete any and all emails so no one else hears your complaint, i'm the only one who will listen to you." That is the regional V.P of Brakes Plus who did that! Intimidation! All he said was "we are not experts at tires." Yeah, well, a blind person could see if the car was test driven that it was not my tensioner that needed to be replaced but something more severe. Help!!!!!!!

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