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Hello my name is Amber and I have a Toyota Camry 95. There's actually a few things wrong with my vehicle and I am scared to just go to a mechanic because they treat women like we're stupid and then make us pay for unnecessary work. The car shifts into D R N 2 and L clean but when I'm driving and trying to pick up speed the car doesn't shift properly and it feels sort of like it's not being grabbed properly, it kinda slips. And then the car won't go over 20mph and the rpms goes into the 4 area and revvs like its racing and isn't really going anywhere. Also there's a screeching noise that's in the driver's front tire area: it's loud and stops when the brakes are applied. Then there was coolant all over the inside of the car and the amount was barely at the fill line when I left, but when I got home and the amount was way to the top almost and the coolant over flowed from the antifreeze tank. Terribly concerned please help me

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd WOW Amber, you have a number of problems with your Camry that need immediate attention. 1. You have a drive-ability issue 2. There is a problem in the area of the tires & brakes 3. Sounds like your coolant is coming out of the overflow tank. I would recommend you quit driving your Camry until you have it checked out. It also sounds like you don't have a regular auto repair shop you can trust. This is the first thing you need to do... find a good, reputable shop to have the Camry towed to. 1. Look to see if there is an AskPatty Certified Female Friendly Shop close by (please find an AskPatty Certified Repair Shop at and they can help you diagnose and repair the problem.) 2. See if there is a AAA Approved Repair Shop near you 3. or you could see if there is an ASE Blue Seal shop near you. I would ask whomever you tow your car to - please look it over and see if it's worth fixing all the problems: 1. No power 2. Screeching in left front wheel 3. Cooling system problem Be prepared to pay anywhere from $50 -$120 dollars to find out what is wrong with your car, and if it's fixable then it will cost more.

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