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Help 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Does Not Start, Does Not Turn Over, No Sound At All [SIZE=1pt]I have a 2004 pontiac grand prix, my car stopped starting i have some what of an idea what might be the problem, ok so for a while my car would sometimes give a problem of not wanting to start, I turn the key over and nothing but after trying a couple times, jiggling and holding the key down would get it to start. Now it will not start at all. All the dash lights are working but wont start. I have had the battery and starter tested both are good. I think its the ignition switch, but not 100% sure. I have search the internet to try to find a video or walk-through on how to change the ignition switch, with no luck. After 03s grand prixs ignition goes from the steering column to 04s is on the dash. I have found info about older Grand Prixs but not my 04. Im a single mother and i live month to month so any way I can save $, is more money for bills. and not having a car is really tough. I cant afford to take it to a shop and be charged for someone else to diagnose the problem when I have a pretty good idea what it is. My dad can help me install the ignition switch if thats the problem but he doesnt know much about my type of car, so if I knew how to get to it, I might even be able to change it myself. Someone told me the switch is separate from where the key goes (the key lock cylinder I think its called). Also will I have to reprogram the ignition if I change the switch? I have been told both that I will and wont have too. I need help from someone that actually knows about this problem first hand. If anyone knows where I can find a video of it being changed or can give me step by step instructions on what to do it would be greatly appreciated. Please help

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