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First of all, I want to say how EXCITED I am to see that there is a website for women about automobiles. I did not have a male figure in my life growing up (and don't currently have a husband or boyfriend who can teach me), so this is exciting for me to learn about automobiles. I have a question but I have a story to the question first... Last year, June of 2014, I was living in Orlando, FL about to do an internship, and I was driving a paid off, about to "give up the ghost" 1998 Acura Integra, and needed a new car. My mom and I aren't close (I'm not the favorite in the family - she doesn't like me much), but she volunteered to help me move and then offered to get me a car. I thought she was genuinely showing me that she did care about me, so I agreed for her to do it. The day she got me a new car, I wasn't there for most of it. When she took me to the dealership, she was actually very nasty about it. She wouldn't let me read or see the paperwork, she would snap at me, tell me to shut up, cover up the papers she actually hit me for wanting to see what I was signing up for, so I finally just signed the paperwork and did what she told me to do. I didn't know until I got into the car (the car is a white 2011 Nissan Versa HB) that she signed me up in my name for a $30,000 loan (which was larger than my budget would allow, and even though I make much more money now, I still want to get out from under it), and even though she co-signed with me, she clarified that she WOULD NOT help me with the loan (even though she makes 8-digit amounts annually) even though she knew the car loan company expected her to, and not to tell any company (car loan or insurance) that after my internship I would be moving to another state for college. Since then we have not gotten any better. So recently, I tried to switch out my car for the car of my dreams, the 2013 Nissan Juke Nismo, I found out that not only is my car carrying heavy amounts in negative equity (I have $14,772.00 to pay off, and the remaining balance at trade in would be $9767 I think!) , but also that my mother lied to me...she told me that I was the first owner to the car and that it is new in front of the car salesman, when I found out last week at CarMax that I'm actually the 3rd or 4th owner, and that my car was never from the beginning worth $30,000 (again, my car is a 2011 Nissan Versa HB) and I'm having a hard time finding a car loan company that would give me a large enough loan to combine the negative equity to the amount of the car (my credit right now is at 577, was a little higher previously). I needed to know what to do because I'm desperate to get out from under the car, not only to free myself of the financial situation I had allowed myself to allow her to put me in and to break free of her control (I had been dealing with years of abuse from her so I was still really scared of her last year, now I'm not anymore), but to be able to get the car I wanted and KNOW that I can afford, because the only reason I'm having this much trouble with car loans is because of the negative equity. Any advice ???? Help!!!!

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