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My 2005 Mini Cooper has 127K miles, I've had it since 2008, with 57K miles. It has been consistently, carefully maintained by my mechanics since then. Took it in for a maintenance check because the "check engine" light had flicked on and off, and because I'm going on an 1800-mile trip in a week or two. My guys called me back and said cylinder 4 has very low compression: only 75-100 psi while the other three are at 175 psi. They want to replace the valve guides, head gasket, seals etc... essentially take the top off the engine and do any machining to all four cylinders, replacing any seals, fluids, etc. They said it'll take a week, cost $3800 to $4200, and will be guaranteed by them for two years/unlimited mileage. I love this car, and I trust my mechanic, but that's a lot of money. Am I stupid if I repair it? I've noticed on other Mini comment sites that this compression problem is common -- almost chronic -- for Minis, and in fact, that I'm past the due date...I really don't want to take on a new car payment right now. If the $4K gives my 2-3 years to save for a new car, and to look around, that's great. Any advice?

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