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I'm considering changing tire sizes on my Volkswagen CC from 235/40 R18 to 245/40 R18s. How will this affect performance of my vehicle, gas mileage, and anything else? I also want a good performing tire. I've been recommended Yokohama YK580s over Nitto Motivo. Which is better performance wise? Thank you, JB

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Julie Scroggins, Vice President, CFO at Waukegan Tire and Supply Company Inc. JB, The 245/40R18 is an acceptable application for your CC. I really don�t think you will see or feel much change in the performance by switching the size, the fuel economy may change a little but much of that depends on the actual tire you install. Some tires are more fuel efficient than others. All in all I don�t believe you will be able to tell much difference between these tire sizes. Both the YK580 and Nitto Motive are high performance all-season tires and would work well for your application. ~Julie

Pat Fleischmann, Director of First Impressions at Community Tire Pros & Auto Repair In order to answer this correctly I�d need to know why you'd want to go up one size tire to see if what you hope to gain offset the negatives of going up one size. The vehicle is engineered for the size tire that come on the car from the factory, so if you change the diameter of the tire by going up one size they change the speedometer, odometer, plus the computer setting for all of the other components. In most cases, going up one size won�t hurt anything but there is nothing to gain from doing it (unless it is for the looks of the car) and actually has a small negative affect on the vehicle. As for the performance of the Yoko vs the Nitto it depends on what specific performance-you the driver is looking for. Wet, dry, cornering, mileage, etc� in order to see which brand would work best based on your needs. We can only Advice-You'll have to Decide!

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