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I’m replacing a 97 Ford Ranger Steering Column with a 95 column. It won’t start and probably because of two (left over) wiring connectors. The metal rod between the key lock cylinder and the ignition switch broke The first connector is a thin, wide, grey/red two wired, two hole, female connector that has a green/ white striped and black/white striped wire. After research I believe that it is for the ignition key lock cylinder tamper /sensor switch. My 97 is a very basic XLT, automatic and don’t recall it having the tamper sensor switch (I’m not sure if it even has a RAP) but I did remove the small green warning/ buzzer switch. It’s shaped like a hearing aid and goes into the key lock cylinder. I taped the black wire to it and put it to the side. The other wire connector is black, square like, male with one white/ purple stripe wire that comes from the main wiring harness from under the center of the dash.

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