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I have a 99 Oldsmodile Intrigue. In Feb. of this year I put the p/w down a little on the passenger side. I couldn't get it to go back up from its switch but the master switch put it back up. Now, in May, the power windows on the passenger side (front & back) don't work from their switches or the master switch. There isn't any sound, etc. when activating the switches. I tried replacing the m/s but it worked the same as the one in there. Could it be defective (read some reviews that stated it was defective when others received i& tried t). I really don't think so because it worked the same windows or could it just be coincidence & still be defective? I ordered a new back passenger switch to try but that didn't work either. Do you think it is the switch(es)? Do you think a good electrical spray cleaner/conductor could help?? Could it be bad window regulators & motors in each window? Thank you for your help.

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