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had rough driving jeep issues codes p0113/p0118/p0740 Checked crankshaft camshaft sensors okay! check solenoids okay! Ended up changing 'trans mission fluid. ' transmission pan gasket 'transmission filter. 'Oil change/oil filter 'intake air temperature sensor 'thermostat 'thermostat housing ' air filter 'Engine coolant temperature sensor Codes went away NOTE: I did not reset codes or disconnect battery. Code p0118 came back Code p0740 came back Code P0118 intake air temperature sensor code P0740 has intake air temperature sensor as a possible problem so I'm thinking P0118 and P0740 have to do with the engine coolant temperature sensor which I replaced leading me to believe perhaps the wiring or the PCM For at least those two codes. Yesterday I disconnected engine coolant temperature sensor and I did not get any readings on the dashboard so I wiggled the wires from engine coolant temperature sensor to the PCM disconnected the PCM connections Black and white inspected blew them out and reconnected codes do not show up now I'm not sure if Discolette connecting The black and white PCM connectors reset the PCM and the codes or if the wiggling the wires adjusted connection or short and temporarily fixed the code But I'm leaning towards diagnosis being loose or poor connection or short or open circuit from engine coolant temperature sensor to PCM or bad PCM for codes p0118 and p0740 In addition it's showing code p1391 now I'm not sure if P1391 can be from engine coolant temperature sensor or PCM help would be greatly appreciated as I am a carpenter not a mechanic and I did not know as much as to how to change oil a week ago

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