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Hello, I have a chevy cavalier 2003. This is more of a general question on how you would repair something so I'm not sure if the type of car will matter here. My trunk cannot close anymore because the metal clasp part on the bottom half completely came off. I'm not sure how anyone would go about fixing something like that or what type of car care expert I would go to to fix it. The part on the top that opens and closes to lock and unlock is fine but the bottom half that it latches to isn't attached to the car. I'm not sure if it would have to be soldered back on or if it COULD be soldered. I feel like this may be something that you'd have to get creative with. I don't just want to have to use some type of temporary fix. I want it back to new again or at least fixed so that I can lock and unlock it with the original clasp. The "good" thing is that while the entire bottom part came off, it came off cleanly so I guess it just got weak and broke off but its still metal so there's no way to easily get it back attached. I hope you have some type of suggestion for me. Thanks!

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Fatrina, You may be able to contact a local salvage yard in regards to a replacement part. Also, if you have the piece that broke off, you may be able to have a local mechanic weld it back on if need be. I hope this helps!

Gail Dunn, Owner at Women's Automotive Connection Fatrina Go to a reputable body shop. They should be able to tell you whether they can fix the problem and what it would cost you before you do the work. Not being able to see it, I am unsure whether it can be repaired, or you need a new hasp.

Gelina Aquilina, Service Advisor / Mechanic at What your referring to is called a striker and they're easily replaceable. Call your local dealership and order a replacement part.

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