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Hi .. I recently got this car a couple years ago and have done my best to keep up with all it's high maintance up keep haha.. But a couple days ago I picked my boy up from school and drove and immediately steam came through the hood. I parked it and popped the hood and there was coolant everywhere. To my surprise the water intake valve had popped off. And I don't know why Chrysler builds car parts with plastic because heat and plastic don't mix . We'll i reaced that whole piece and topped it off with coolant. Then I looked under the car and there was a drip of coolant running down from somewhere. It was coming from the thermostat housing. So I replaced that as well. Everything was fine til the temp gauge was reading fine but it was blowing out cold air and it's still leaking . So my question is.. What could it be ? And please have some good news..

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Tolo, You may need to have your heater core inspected, which may be the root cause of your concern. Failing heater cores can behave just as you are describing when failed/failing.

Gail Dunn, Owner at Women's Automotive Connection Tool When the intake valve popped, it meant the system was really over heated and under great pressure. Given that, hoses could have ruptured or come loose. You need to check and flush the whole system to unsure you have identified any leaks and taken care of them.

Gelina Aquilina, Service Advisor / Mechanic at There are many other components in the cooling system that may be bad. Sounds like it needs a proper pressure check to pinpoint the leak.

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