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Hello! I was excited to find your service listed on Angie's list. As a single mom, living on a teacher's salary, I'm always concerned about finding honest car repeat services. I have used (My mechanic, name removed) for years, and they usually seemed very fair until I needed to have my catalytic converter replaced. They quoted me $2000 while I was able to find another mechanic who completed the same repair for $350. Following my stroke last year, I've experienced a huge financial setback and had to allow my AAA service lapse. I also have difficulty speaking at times which can make me appear unintelligent. I have no family nearby; therefore, I do not have anyone who can speak on my behalf. Friday, I was unable to crank my car. I had to get a ride to work and was unable to take care of my car during business hours. I assumed it just needed a jump, but was concerned because there was no indication I left any lights on to drain the battery. After a jump, my car still will not start. When I open the car door or attempt to start the car, all interior and dash lights work as usual. However, the car will not turn over and makes a repeated clicking sound. I'm concerned about finding a fair towing service with a resonable price. From my description, do you have any suggestions of what might be wrong with my car and do you have any suggestions of a reasonable towing service as well as mechanic. I assume my car does not simply need a new battery since all the lights continue to work. I just don't want to be taken advantage of as I have so many times in the past. Thank you so much!

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Dana, Thank You for coming to AskPatty for fair and honest advice, I would tend to believe that most towing services will bring your vehicle to a mechanic of your choice for around $50-$150 depending on your demographic and tow mileage. You may need to simply replace your battery, and this is a reasonably inexpensive solution. You may have a dead cell in the battery which will not take a charge/jump if this is the case. If you have a friend/neighbor to help you replace the battery first before towing I would recommend this route as a first course. Please feel free to write back with any further questions or concerns.

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Dana, Your asking for me to guess what's wrong.... I'll guess the starter. You need to find yourself a good shop that you can develop a trusting relationship with. Look to see if there is an certified shop near you, or a AAA approved shop, or an ASE Blue Seal Shop. If you have troubles speaking... write down what you are expecting or what you need done with your vehicle. Have them communicate with you via email & ask if it's possible for the shop to send pictures if there is a problem.

Gail Dunn, Owner at Women's Automotive Connection Dana I know you are frustrated. You can find a shop near you by going to AskPatty home page and doing a search using your zip code. Make sure you see the pink ribbon next to their name showing they are Certified Female Friendly, and certainly mention that this is where you found them. They will have a number of a tow company that they use on a regular basis. One cause of your problem might be that your battery is running out of power. The normal life of a battery is 3-5 years, and if you have not changed the batter it has long a since outlived the normal battery. A quick and least expensive check is to look at the date on the battery.. You can go to an retail store and buy a new one and install it. This might save you a lot of aggravation, time, and money.

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