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I am so ignorant about car maintenance. Do you know of any web resources where I could find out about car repair. why do repair shops not advertise their standard prices for a particular type of repair? being female makes me seem so vunerable to males.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA There are different labor rates, In different demographics you may want to call for a quote for their labor rates and standard time to repair what you are needing to quote, that way you have a benchmark.

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Greetings, Good for you reaching out to get educated about your car's maintenance so you can make informed decisions. The 'Car Care Council' has all kind of great information about car maintenance. The three of the most popular resources are: 1. The Car Care Guide 2. A Vehicle Systems Overview 3. Car Care Tips One of the reason shops do not advertise standard prices for repairs is because each make and model takes different parts and labor time for the same repair or maintenance. There is not much 'standard' in this business.

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