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Hi, I just recently bought my cousins 2002 Hyundai Elantra and he told me that there were a few repairs that needed to be done on the car; such as putting in a new oxygen sensor and new brakes and possibly rotors. I was wondering how much the cost is around for the parts and the labor; if you would be able to give me a rough estimate? I don't know much about cars so I don't know whats considered to expensive for work that needs to be done... I know that I generally want to stay at a budget of no more than $250-$300 for everything parts and labor included. Can you please help me? Thank you, Kourtney

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Kourtney, I recommend that you call around to your local repair shops and obtain a few quotes. There are many larger chained brake facilities that have decent pricing on brakes and rotor replacement,

Gail Dunn, Owner at Women's Automotive Connection Kourtney Oxygen sensors run around $250 each, and brakes can run $200-500 depending upon whether you need rotors, and whether it is front and back or just one of them. These repairs could be over $500 for just pads and sensors. If all need it replacing, you could easily double that figure.

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