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Hello, I have a general question I hope you can give me better insight on. I recently seen a used car posted online for the price 17.774. The car was traded in this past weekend so when I seen it they hadn't cleaned it out yet from the trade deal. Upon going up to the dealership and going through all the "negotiations" I went back to the financing department to finalize the deal. To make a long story, the financing individual documented the Base Vehicle price at 18,395. When I asked her why the price was 18,395 she said because it included fees and freight. The title tax, processing fees, etc are documented on my contract but the so called freight was added in the price of the car. I asked her why It wasn't documented and she claimed they do that with all their cars to make their prices more competitive, and so they can get their 6% from the government or something. She said on all contracts the freight line is listed N/A. My argument is if the price of the vehicle was advertised at 17,774 should that have been documented at the base vehicle price or are they legit in adding the "freight" charge in the base price and writing that down? Your answers will really be appreciated.

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Georgia Brown, Director of Education at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) While federal laws that regulate used car purchases and finance are the same across the US, state laws vary. I suggest you contact your state independent automobile dealers association for clarification. Since I don't know which state you live in go to the NIADA look at the bottom of the homepage to find "state associations". Click there and then click your state to find the appropriate contact info. Georgia Brown

Julie Kimes, General Sales Manager at O'Daniel Automart / O'Daniel Mazda Unforntunatly this is common pratice with some dealerships. Make sure 1st you are purchasing at a dealership that doesn't use tatics from above. If the price was online at 17774 and didn't include freight there should be a disclosure. If not I would suggest speaking to the dealer or general Manger.

Chris Walsh, Owner at Consolidated Automotive Services of indiana You can file a complaint with the Secretary of State in your state or through the Consumr Protection Bureau. They have strict guidelines regarding advertising and false advertising.

Jessie L Thatcher, F&I and Sales Specialist at Reynolds and Reynolds Company  (Retired) I don't know about the State in which you live, but here there is no way I would allow them to add anything to the agreed upon price of the vehicle. If you signed a purchase (buyers) order before going to the F&I office then that should have been the price of the vehicle. In addition if the car has not been cleaned, it may also not have been serviced to determine if there were any issues. Did they discuss any included warranty for the vehicle or just try to sell you one? I honestly believe I would walk out and find a dealer with better ways of dealing with their customers. Also when buying a used vehicle always take it to your own mechanic to find out if it is in good condition. good luck

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