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#1. My 2007 Honda Civic is at Honda dealership having front windshield glass and trim moldings/seals replaced. I have a Hondacare extended warranty, but was told that this isn't covered. Price quoted approximately $400. Is this average in Dallas, TX area? Service technician is someone I've dealt with in the past year, then discovered he wasn't honest with me on a previous repair invoice. #2. I recently (2014) discovered on Autocheck that this car has frame damage. It was purchased by dealer at auction on 12/10/2010, then sold to us on 12/18/2010. Dealer denied any problems with car during purchase process, gave us a Carfax report that didn't show any accidents or problems. After purchase, $10K collision damage showed up on C.L.U.E. Report from my insurance agent - collision was by previous owner. This car was bought for our college age daughter by my husband. He recently passed away, and I would like to know best way to handle this. I have spent a lot of money on repairs in addition to the warranty coverage. I have all service records since we bought car, kept all maintenance schedules, oil changes, etc. Used same Honda dealer for service each time. With this information from Autocheck, plus all the problems and safety concerns, do you have any advice for me? There is a lot more to this story, but I think I've summarized best I could. Thanks so much!

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Georgia Brown, Director of Education at National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) I, too, drive Honda vehicles and have been pleased with their performance and durability, but I guess you can get a car of any make and model that has a flaw of some sort. I have found this website helpful in exploring particular issues with any of our cars--not all Hondas. You might look up your Civic on this one. Perhaps it will shed some light on any major safety issues. Also, if you know an independent, trustworthy mechanic or know someone who might, take your car to him for an evaluation and advise. Since they work on all types of cars, they often see the ones that seem to have more problems than others. Good Luck!

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Sherry, Considering this purchase was made in 2010, I do believe that your statute of limitation for lemon law has run out. You may be able to get a better quote in windshield replacement by an auto glass company.

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