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How do I add transmission fluid to my 2001 Chevy Tahoe?

Answers from the Automotive Experts

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Justin, You first should indicate why you are needing to add fluid, where is the leak? 2001 Tahoes can have transmission fluid added through the dipstick tube which should have a red dipstick indicator near the firewall. Fluid capacity on a pan removal is 5 qts, and complete flush is 11 qts. In properly checking the level; Engine running and parking brake engaged, pull the dipstick, wipe with a clean rag, reinsert for a sure reading reading on the cross hatch marks. Check for color and smell, if you have a nice red color all is well, however if you are dark brown check into flushing the system.

Gail Dunn, Owner at Women's Automotive Connection First, I would find out why you need to add liquid, i.e., is there a leak that needs repairing first. Then you add liquid through the dipstick tube on the left side of the engine. Make sure you test the shifter to make sure each gear engages after.

Gelina Aquilina, Service Advisor / Mechanic at If it's an automatic, there's a dip stick near the passenger side firewall. You'll need a funnel to add there!

Maryann Croce, Owner at Croce’s Transmission Specialists Hi Justin, On your 2001 Chevy Tahoe:Your vehicle has a dip stick for the transmission. Check transmission fluid level while vehicle engine is running and vehicle is in park. Add fluid in same location as dipstick. Check your owner's manual for location. Good Luck.

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