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Hi! My 2010 Honda Civic sucks (excuse the french) in the snow. I need new tires but can only afford 2 right now. I figure I will put the new ones in the front and have them put the best two out of the ones right now on the back. Where is the best place to go to get new tires? I don't want to get ripped off b/c I am a single woman. I have a great relationship with my service adviser at the dealership (she's a woman) but I am thinking I am going to pay way more that I need to there. I live in Northern Delaware (zip is 19808) but my dealership is in West Chester, PA (19382).

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Greetings Kristen, Sounds like Northern Delaware has had a lot of snow this year. This can make driving a bit dangerous as most people in Delaware don't use snow tires so they aren't getting good traction and folks driving around with worn out all-season tires have little or no traction and can be dangerous to their fellow drivers. If you are putting 2 new tires in the front and have worn out tires in the rear, your vehicle is going to get funky traction and could be even more prone to sliding and skidding when the roads are slick. I hear it that you don't have money, but I would highly recommend you borrow some and put on 4 new tires (all the same size and brand) at the same time ASAP. Tires are a product you can call around to get prices on for you to compare. You should also ask about the price for mounting, balancing, new stems & recycling your old worn out tires. This price can vary shop to shop. The dealer might not be more expensive then say a tire store, but you won't know unless you ask.

Gelina Aquilina, Service Advisor / Mechanic at Your tire size is on the side of the tire. It should say something like 205/65R16. With that info, along with your year make & model of your vehicle, you can find good deals online. Sometimes shops will allow you to have tires shipped to them, then they'll do the labor. Try!

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive First, I want to clear up a very common misconception. You want your new tires to go on the rear of the vehicle, not the front. This will prevent the back end of the car from hydroplaning, or sliding, out of control. Most tire manufacturer's will have this information (and videos of test runs) posted on their websites. A shop that specializes in tires should have some good info on the tires they stock and what would work for your vehicle. The cheap tires will not give you better traction. If you looking for an all season tire that will do well in snow, I like the continental contipro contacts. I have these on all my cars, and they work very well. If you are looking for a snow tire, they make those too (not sure how much snow you get in that area). These tires are not at the cheaper end of the spectrum, but they should not be the most expensive either. Many of the local tire shops and chains will run specials. You might get a good deal from one of them on tires. You can also order the tires off of (sometimes it is cheaper) and have the tires installed locally. You just need the tire size from the side wall or the tire placard on the driver's door frame. Expect to pay for mounting and balancing for the number of tires you purchase. There may or not be a tire disposal fee (this varies by state). Your car has TPMS, so they should NOT be charging for valve stems. The TPMS system on this car does not have to be reprogramed after replacing or rotating the tires. They will probably recommend an alignment. If the tires are wearing evenly (same tread depth across the width of the tire) You do not have to have it done. This is a good thing to get done, especially if the tires show signs of edge wear or other abnormal patterns. Ask for the print out from the alignment machine.

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