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Dear Patty; During my last routine oil change at my local Buick dealer (at 49K miles) the service tech noted that my 2009 Buick Lucerne will need the following services during my next routine oil change (at 53K miles): "Clean engine fuel injectors and engine throttle body" at a cost of $190. A recent article in Readers Digest entitled, "Car Scams to Watch Out For" it states that you don't need this service done until 100K miles, but you can "play it safe and add fuel-injector cleaner to your gas tank during your next fill up." What's your opinion on getting this service done to my car at 53K miles, and if so, do you feel the quoted cost of $190 is the "going rate"? I live in the Cleveland. OH area. Thanks for your help.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Caroline, $190 is about the average cost for 50k mile service, this is going to have your rotate your tires, fuel filter, cabin/air filter, fuel flush and possibly a few other items. You can use a bottle of injector cleaner to prolong the need of a fuel flush. Over time fuel creates a varnish on the inside of your engine and a flush is best to remove most of these unwanted particles.

Gelina Aquilina, Service Advisor / Mechanic at I would wait. It's not completely necessary at your mileage especially if the car is running good. If you were having issues stalling or at idle I would recommend it. Otherwise, forget it! Save some $$$.

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive As far the going rate, I couldn't tell you. On Long Island, NY that would be considered cheap, especially if that is including the oil change. If the throttle body is dirty, it should be cleaned. I would recommend adding a bottle of Techron to the fuel tank. I add it to my vehicles every 30,000 and have not had any issues with the fuel system. It is a GM approved fuel additive and works very well . It is available at most auto parts stores. As far as the whole fuel injection service being needed, if there is an issue they are trying to address, sure. If it is just a mileage thing, which is what it sounds like, you probably don't need it. Go by what the owner's manual tells you for maintenance, just keep in mind that there are usually two service schedules. One for "normal driving" and the other for "severe conditions". Many vehicles will fall into the severe maintenance schedule, as this includes stop and go traffic and short trips around town.

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