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I am trying to replace my engine air filter on my 2009 Subaru B9 Tribeca. According to the car manual the first step is "unplug the connector that is attached to the top of the air cleaner case." No brainer. The picture implies that you just pull on it and it comes apart. Well, I've been pulling and tucking on it and it just isn't getting unplugged. Is it really just a case of simply pulling on it some more? IT looks like it might also require a screw driver to push a clip out of the way? Uggghhhhh!!!! What's the trick to get the connector to pull apart?

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Lorri, In regards to changing your engine 's air filter. It's important that you take 'things' apart correctly and then make sure you put everything back together the way it's suppose to be. Here is a video that might help you:

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube Push in push down and then pull out.

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive There is a clip attached to the MAF sensor, but you should be able to just unclip the box (should be 2 metal clips) and slide the filter out. Loosening the screw clips on the air intake tube and sliding it off the air box might give you more room without disconnecting the sensor, just don't pull on it, as this may damage the harness. If the filter does not fit, squeeze tab on the clip of the MAF connector. The clip should slide off. If not, you might be able to get a small pick under the tab, but be careful as it is plastic and does not take much to break.

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