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I am having a problem my 2008 Pontiac 2000's engine. When I am driving the car tends to give me an error stating "Reduced engine power" and then a minute later "Traction control off", "Service Traction control system." When the errors pop up nothing actually happens right away. If I continue to drive it will take about fifteen minutes before the engine actually reduces the engine power. If I pull over and shut the car off, remove the key, and open the door for a few minutes, then restart the car, there are no problems. I can normally go a few more days before it happens again. All the times that I can recall this happening it was wet driving conditions. I have spent several thousand dollars trying to get this fixed, but the mechanics cannot find the problem. They have plugged into the computer but they don't get any error messages about what the problem is. They have changed stuff like the rotors, brake assembly, and even the axel assembly. They are claiming it is a traction control issue but I am wondering if it could be a sensor or a wire shorting somewhere. I have suggested this and they told me that it could not be that.

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Hi Jen, I would guess that the car's computer turned off the 'traction control' when the check engine light came on - and that there is no problem with your traction control, brakes or axel. I would guess a wire shorting somewhere too. You need a technician who is really good with electrical issues.

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive If every time the issue occurs is when it is wet out, you might have water getting in someplace water shouldn't be, like into an electrical connector or a module. The best chance the tech has of finding the problem is if you swing by the shop when the light is still on. Your other option would be to find a repair shop that specializes in electrical issues.

Maryann Croce, Owner at Croce’s Transmission Specialists Hi Jen, About your 2008 Pontiac, the Traction Control messages need to be addressed. Traction Control could possibly be in the engine, transmission or ABS system of the vehicle. When checking for codes with the proper scan tool all module areas need to be checked, because it is true that codes may not show up in one area but may be stored in another. Intermittent vehicle issues are the most frustrating for vehicle owners because they don't always turn up when a technician is checking the vehicle. You may have to leave your vehicle so it can act up for the technician for a proper diagnosis. Good Luck.

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