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How do you change the tire of a Jaguar X-Type?

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Julie Scroggins, Vice President, CFO at Waukegan Tire and Supply Company Inc. Hi Nicole, Step by step instructions can be found in the vehicle owner's manual. Basically you need to verify the vehicle has a spare, a jack and tire tool set. Also before starting make sure the spare is inflated. Follow the instructions on finding the jacking points of the vehicle and how the jack the car up. Set the jack but before getting the tire completely off the ground the lugs will need to be loosened about one turn each. After breaking the lugs loose proceed to jacking the vehicle up then remove the lug nuts followed by the flat tire assembly install the spare and replace the lugs (if the car has tapered lugs the taper goes towards the wheel). Tighten the lugs down snug and lower the car where the tire is just touching the ground and tighten the lugs again then let the vehicle down and proceed to an independent tire dealer to have the flat repaired and reinstalled on the vehicle. Julie

Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd This is a link for a Jaguar forum. There are a couple of suggestions in the forum.

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