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My 2013 Nissan Pathfinder was purchase Mid January of 2013 with 8 miles. I currently have about 8,300 miles. My airconditioner unit sometimes blows air but it is not very cold. Other times, the air is very cold. Unfortunately, it has been difficult getting the car to blow non-cold air when I took it in to the dealer. Can you suggest the best approach when going back to the dealer with this issue? Otherwise, they will continue to give me the answer, "we can't find anything wrong with it as it is blowing cold air". TIA Pat

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Panel of  Automotive Women Speakers, Panel of  Automotive Women Speakers at, Inc. Pat, I would suggest requesting an A/C Diagnostic Service to see if the system is properly charged. Since this is a fairly new vehicle, I would also ask them to do a scan for any error codes that may be popping up. If they have done this already and have still found nothing, you might have to take the next step and get the A/C system flushed. As a tip for your own benefit, make sure that if this problem continues, have them write it up every time you go in for service. The records will prove to be beneficial if the problem is never found and you need to make a decision on whether or not to pursue the company buy-back of the vehicle.

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