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my 69 firebird is blowing white smoke out the tail pipes also a creamy color liquid is coming out the tail pipe on the passenger side their is no water in the oil coolant seems fine,spark plugs look normal and no water or oil leaks.engine sounds normal.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Carmen, You may have engine coolant that is lea,king ointo the combustion chamber. If you do not have a visable leak, and you are needing to add coolant, then you may be experiencing this leak internally that is burning off and out the tail pipe. You may be looking at pulling the top end of the motor, for further inspection.

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive Greetings, If the vehicle is an automatic, check the vacuum modulator on the back of transmission. If you pull the vacuum line off, it should be dry. If it is wet, it needs a modulator. The other possibility that comes to mind is a head gasket.

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