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My Sequoia Limited has had brake squeal essentially since the day that we got it. The squeal happens at a very high pitch (sometimes so high that my husband can't even hear it). The squeal happens at low speeds and during the light braking. When they have 'fixed' it, it starts up again after a few weeks. When it starts up again, it only when the car is cold (I live in Southern CA so it is not extremely cold) and then grows more frequent and frequent until it is every time you step on the brake. When it is really bad, you can hear the car coming into the driveway from inside the house! The car has been in to the dealership and had brake work done on it over 9 times. They have replaced brake pads and this last time replaced the front rotars (at less than 60K miles). They have told me that it is my driving style (3 people drive this car, we can't all have a bad driving style and I don't have this problem with my other cars), it is just that the Sequoia is such a heavy car. They blame it on build up of something on the rotars (happens when you drive through puddles and then brake - again Southern CA, we don't have puddles). I am so frustrated. The dealer has been very generous and done as much work as possible under warranty (meaning I don't have to pay). They just 'fixed' the front brakes (I had to pay for new rotars) and when I was 2 block aways I heard the back brakes squealing. I have even written to Toyota OEM because I think this car is defective. It is driving me crazy. What do you recommend that I do? Thanks!

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Kerily, If your brake calipers have not been replaced, you may want to inspect the caliper cylinder causing the brake pad to have a slight constant contact; with surface rust that forms at dew points it can be louder. So, in the case that calipers have already been replaced, you may have a piece of trash in a brake line, resulting in fluid pressure. Please write back, for further advice.

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