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so i have a 86 toyota pickup and it runs like it has a constant motor slip somewhere, ive checked timing, plugs and plug wires, it is feul injected and ive changed injectors and ran injector cleaner through it. it has been to two different mechanics and they have given up on trying to find the problem, its wierd though because it still gets 18 mpg but if you drive it for more than three hours it starts bogging down and it will not go over 45 mph. and it constantly smells like it is being fludded i dont know, i am starting to wonder about the air to gas ratio? and how that would affect it. any other suggestions??

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Cody, You may need to replace your EGR valve, I am not sure if they have changed that. I also suggest looking at the butterfly valve in the carb.

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