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Which is the best resource to get an idea of what certain common repairs would cost in Houston(so I can have a price point as a reference)? RepairPal, CarMD or DriverSide? Also best resource to recommend a trusted shop?

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Colleen McGee, Driving Instructor at Americas Driving School Hi Roger, I would take a look at both drivers side and carMD but also compare local prices because depending on where you live prices can vary. Also using Angies list will give you good reviews of mechanics in your area. Happy Driving Colleen M

Kristin Brocoff, Director of Corporate Communications at Roger, I have worked for CarMD for over a decade, so I’m a bit biased in answering your question. Instead of telling you which service is best, why don’t I focus more on what each of them does? Driverside offers a way to manage your car’s maintenance. It also provides a way to look up symptom-based problems for your vehicle. And you can get a general idea of what parts cost if you know what work needs to be done on your car. RepairPal has a pretty good shop lookup program by zip code, and again lets you know a fair price for your car repair IF you know what needs to be done. CarMD offers a more specific approach to diagnosing your check engine-related car problems. If you are a CarMD product owner, you can plug your CarMD device into your vehicle to see if there are any current or pending problems. Then, based on your specific situation, CarMD provides a specific repair down to parts and labor in your area. You can then decide if you want to tackle repairs yourself or have the work done by a professional. CarMD also tells you if there are associated service bulletins or recalls, which often lead to free repairs when you go back to the dealer. CarMD is also working on developing a repair shop referral program. If you’re not a tool owner but want to see the most common repairs and associated repair costs for your vehicle (or one you’re thinking about buying) the free CarMD® Vehicle Health ScoreCard™ tool, available at, may be for you. Best, Kristin Brocoff, Corp.

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