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I mistakenly took out the distributor of my Ford Taurus and didn't take heed to the TDC or even mark my distributor location. I put the distributor back in and started the car (which obviously didn't start) and perhaps good fortunate when I attempted at taking it out and put it back in at a different rotation and the car started just fine. However, now I don't feel like the car is using it's full horsepower capabilities: The engine revs high when flooring the gas but the car just doesn't seem to go as fast in relation to how high the revs are. Is it possible that the distributor is still not adjusted correctly or will the car even start when the adjustment isn't exactly perfect?

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Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive The car will start without the adjustment being perfect. If you can find TDC on cylinder one and align the distributor so the rotor is pointed at number one on the cap, you should be able to get it pretty close and then just tweak it a little until it runs better. Your other option is to take it to a shop and have them time it for you.

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