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My Jeep Patriot squeaks like an old mattress when I drive over a bump. I've recently put new shocks/break pads to the back & had trunk hinges replaced but the noise has yet to cease!!! What could it possibly be? I've read on that other people had the same issue & said it was there emergency break cable.. Idk what to do

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Julie Scroggins, Vice President, CFO at Waukegan Tire and Supply Company Inc. Hi Karolina, I recommend you take the jeep to your independent auto service facility and have the service writer or technician go for a ride with you and let them hear the noise that concerns you. Chasing a squeak sometimes can take driving the vehicle multiple times to narrow down the cause. When they do their inspection I would ask them to pay close attention to the ball joints, link pins and bushings on the suspension. It could also be the e-brake cable but we have not run across the cable problem on the Jeeps. Good Luck! Julie

Helaine Kurot, Owner/Technician at 360 Automotive You will be better off taking it to a repair shop and having them check it out. It may be beneficially for you to go on the road test with the technician so you are both going after the same noise. Did the noise change at all when you changed any of the parts? Does the noise sound like its coming from the front or the rear of the vehicle? Is it worse first thing in the morning when the car is cold, after driving for a while, or is it the same all the time? Does speed play a factor? Answers to these questions will help the tech start off in the right direction.

Barb Petrey, President - DBK Enterprises Inc at Jiffy Lube Check all the bushings on the car. Make sure they are not cracked and dried out. They can be found at the end of your stabilizer bar. he easy test to see if they are the bushings, spray with WD40 and see if the noise goes away or is not as loud.

Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Karolina, I recommend you have your front inner tie rods inspected. You may have some suspension component that is worn causing your noise concern.

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