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Engine Light on a Ford Focus 2003....Code P 2008.Car works fine though.

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Karen Salvaggio, Owner - Professional Race Car Driver at Thunder Valley Racing Likely an intake manifold runner control issue. Check for vacuum leaks first, and then the various components (actuator, connectors, etc), for continuity and/broken faulty connections. Good luck.

Kristin Brocoff, Director of Corporate Communications at Paula, normally when the check engine light's on, there's something wrong. It could be big or small, but I encourage you to get it looked at by a trusted professional. According to the CarMD database, the fix that best matches the P2008 code for a 2003 Ford Focus is "Replace Intake Manifold Runner Control Valve (make sure the vacuum lines on the IMRC valve are good first). But the only way of knowing the true problem is to have it diagnosed in person. Best of luck, Kristin Brocoff, CarMD.

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