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I own a car that has 296,600 miles on it. It is a 1999 Saturn SC1. I bought it new in January 1999. It uses quite a bite of oil now. I would estimate it uses about a half quart every 500 miles. Do you think that it would be worth spending a lot of money to repair it since they do not make the Saturn cars anymore? Thanks for your ideas.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Roy, I suggest that you have a dye injected into the oil, this can be detected by a black light. If you have any external leaks they can be picked up easily and repaired accordingly. Your valve cover gaskets also may be leaking, or an oil pan seal may need to be replaced. There is a risk of you burning the oil internal past the valve stem or excessive "blow by" your piston rings. Make sure you have a trusted professional eliminate all external possibilities before you have a look internal. Hope this Helps!!

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