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I live in New England and travel 35 miles 1/2 hw and 1/2 off roads to work each way to work. Plus I do alot of in town driving. Snow and Rain are my biggest concern. Can anyone recommend the absolute best performing tire for these conditions and region.

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Colleen McGee, Driving Instructor at Americas Driving School Hi Kerri, You didn't mention the type of vehicle you drive. This time of year in New England you would want a good set of winter tires. Goodyear has the best rating for winter tires of passenger cars, Pirelli the second best. Cooper has the best rating for light truck winter tires, though Bridgestone and Dunlop have good ratings for light truck winter tires as well. Happy, safe driving Colleen M.

Emma Silvera, co-owner at Star Motors Hi Kerri, If you have not already purchased new tires, I believe Hakkapeliitta Tires are by far the best option for your conditions. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest and driven throughout "Winter States", the right tires make a huge difference. Hope this helps! Thanks, Emma

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