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How do I check my transmission fluid in my Chevy Tahoe?

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Colleen McGee, Driving Instructor at Americas Driving School Hi Robbin! Find the Transmission fluid dip stick under the hood. (It's often in the front on the right side.) Have your engine running in park, lift the dipstick up, wipe it off, put it back down all the way, lift it up again, look at where the reddish residue on the dipstick is, it should be at the full line. If the fluid looks very dark you probably need the fluid changed. Happy and safe driving! Colleen M

Karen Salvaggio, Owner - Professional Race Car Driver at Thunder Valley Racing Check your owner's manual for specifics, but generally speaking (not knowing the make and model of your car, and assuming it's an automatic transmission), you should start your car and warm it up to operating temperature by letting it idle for a few minutes. Turn the car off, and locate the transmission dipstick, which will likely be located near the firewall area, towards the back of the engine. With the engine off, pull the dipstick, wipe clean with a rag, and reinsert and remove the dipstick again to get a fresh read of the fluid. The dipstick will have fluid level marks. Read and fill as indicated.

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