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Hi fried, my coil pack and i got a new one and it still wont start because i get no spark from the coil pack to the spark plugs and when i put the new one on 1 and 4 get hot on the coil pack

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA The ignition coil consists of two coils. High tension leads go to each cylinder from the ignition coil. The ignition coil fires two spark plugs on every power stroke (the cylinder under compression and the cylinder on the exhaust stroke). Coil number one fires cylinders 1 and 4. Coil number two fires cylinders 2 and 3.The Engine Control Module (ECM) provides a switching circuit to ground for energizing the primary ignition coils. The ECM uses the crankshaft position sensor signal to time the energizing of the coil. When a primary ignition coil is energized and de-energized, the secondary coil produces a high voltage spike across the attached spark plugs.

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