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I have a 2002 chevy blazer zr2, my husband put new brake pads on it , bled them all the way around,replaced the mastercylinder twice, new caliber,and my breaks still go to the floor, what can we do to fix this problem? and also,the four wheel drive kicks out of 2 hi and into 4 hi and stays,whats the problem there? another question, the ABS lights come on and then goes off again and again. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you, Trish

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA Trish, I would have your brake lines fully inspected, you may have a crimped line in the system that is causing your issue. You also may need your transfer case inspected, jumping out of gear can be caused by a number of things such as; Melted fork pads Replace the fork pads or other damaged components. Faulty high speed teeth on range sleeve Inspect the planetary carrier high speed teeth for damage. Replace the range sleeve if the teeth are faulty. Faulty range fork Inspect the range fork for damage and replace the range fork if it is damaged. Range fork bushing and springs Inspect the range fork springs for being faulty. Inspect the range fork shaft bushing for wear. Synchronizer clutch gear Inspect the synchronizer clutch gear for worn teeth. Replace the synchronizer clutch gear if it is faulty.

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