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Hi, I'm so glad I found your website! I'm looking for tires for my 2007 Audi A4 2.0T. I commute to work about 75 miles each day round trip. I also live in the south, so we don't get a lot of bad winter weather, but when we do, it's usually ice or a slushy wintry mix. I would love to get a tire that works well in rainy conditions and is a great highway tire. The tires I now have are Falken. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and thanks so much for your advice!

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Amy Mattinat, Owner and Author at Auto Craftsmen Ltd Greetings Beth, I would recommend the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3. These tires were made for high performance vehicles. Super grip on the highway & likewise through ice or slushy wintery mix. Plus Michelin gives a 45,000 mile tread wear limited warranty on them.

Julie Scroggins, Vice President, CFO at Waukegan Tire and Supply Company Inc. Hi Beth, There is a new tire from Nokian Tire called the Entyre that would give you a smooth ride and the added wet traction you are looking for and the tire has a 75,000 mile tread wear rating. If you were driving in longer periods of cold and slick I would recommend the Nokian WRG2 or WRG3 but you would lose some mileage for the added wet and snow traction. A lot of people have never heard of the Nokian line of tires but we have sold them for years and many of our customer won’t purchase any other brand. The tires come from Finland and they are sold only through independent tire dealers. You can check them out online and search for dealers in your area at . Julie

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